Baste Records Launch Featuring Jeffrey Steele, Ira Dean, Suzanne Santo and Winston Marshall

Baste Records Launch Featuring Jeffrey Steele, Ira Dean, Suzanne Santo and Winston Marshall

Baste Records, a new music label dedicated to promoting music from anti-woke, anti-establishment, and just-plain-conservative artists, has launched at Minds Fest, the annual festival for Minds, a social networking platform committed to free speech and privacy.

Minds CEO Bill Ottman shares Baste Records’ commitment to create a cultural movement that empowers artists to speak freely and make a positive impact on society.

Baste Records is for talented artists who do not conform to the political and cultural orthodoxies of the legacy entertainment and music industries. Whether that means they love America’s constitution, consider themselves a proud Zionist or Christian, or are merely opposed to censorship and “cancel culture,” Baste Records will be their home.

The label’s founder, Matthew Azrieli is inspired by the Charter 77 movement, which used music as a form of protest to fight for freedom and human rights in communist Czechoslovakia. Azrieli hopes to create a similar movement to defeat what Elon Musk calls “the woke mind virus.”

“We are thrilled to launch Baste Records and provide a home for artists who are passionate about making a real cultural difference,” said Baste Records founder Matthew Azrieli. “Our goal is to promote quality music and to give a voice to artists who share our values.”

The label has already signed top talent like Chris Wallin as their head of A&R, who has written hits for country music stars including Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, and Trace Adkins. Wallin’s involvement in Baste Records is a testament to the label’s commitment to promoting high-quality music. They have also partnered with music distributor ONErpm to ensure the music reaches their audience.

Baste Records’ inaugural concert, held at The Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, Texas as part of Minds Fest, featured performances from artists such as Suzanne Santo, Winston Marshall, Jeffrey Steele, and Ira Dean. Steele and Dean are accomplished songwriters with numerous hits to their credit, including Aaron Lewis’ patriotic anthem “Am I the Only One”.

Winston Marshall, formerly of Mumford & Sons, also performed at the festival. His departure from the band was the result of political backlash he received after praising a book critical of Antifa on social media. Marshall’s experience underscores the need for a platform like Baste Records, which supports artists and their freedom of expression.